About Us

Quality PPE Products for American Families and Businesses

Beta Sciences is an American distributor of personal protective equipment with affordability in mind. With our main goal of providing a path for safety for families and businesses, small and large.

Our mission evolved from the care and protection of our loved ones in today’s new world. Safety and precautions to keep our loved ones and neighbors are at all-time high, hard to come by; and prices have increased substantially.  

Sourcing and vetting all our products for the highest quality, and insure all are certified, registered and SHIPPED to Americans from American warehouse facilities. Delivering thousands of pieces weekly, our products are in stock and ready to ship for the average family of four to a company of 200+ employees getting back to work.

We provide only the highest quality products using the highest quality materials. Products we use ourselves at work and at home with our loved ones.

Even though our products are superior quality, we offer the BEST pricing hands down.

With affordability in mind, Beta Sciences provides protective equipment at a reasonable price.