Traveling this Holiday Season? Here’s What to Consider to do it Safely

The major holidays of the season are approaching fast. Historically, the holiday season is the busiest travel period for the United States. Many people travel to various destinations across the country to be with friends and family.

After months of halted travel, restrictions are being lifted. As we see an uptake in travel it is important to remain safe. Before you travel you need to consider how you’re traveling, where you’re going, and whether or not you have the proper personal protective equipment. We’re examining each of those considerations down below!


How to Travel

There are various ways for people to travel this holiday season. From taking the car on a road trip to a faster fly over in a plane we are going to see people using these modes of transportation to reach their destinations. So, what are the pros and cons of each one, especially with the ongoing coronavirus pandemic? Let’s break them down:


By Car: Taking a car this holiday season is the safest way to travel. You have the benefit of controlling who is in the car with you so there is no need to share a space with unknown people the way you would in a train or plane. It is recommended that you only travel with people within your household bubble since it reduces your risk of getting sick. If you do plan on traveling with individuals outside of your bubble everyone should quarantine two weeks prior to the trip.


By Train: The next safest travel option is to take a train. This mode of travel offers more travel flexibility. But your risk factor does increase because you have to travel in an enclosed space with unknown individuals, as briefly mentioned above. Before booking your ticket, consider the social distancing procedures and options being utilized as well as cleaning procedures. If it is feasible, you may also want to look into booking a private room to further reduce your risk.


By Plane: Lastly, we have the plane. While the fastest way to travel it is also the riskiest. Compared to a car or train you are likely to be in a cramped space. But, while risky, traveling by plane may be the best option for you for many reasons. If you decide to use a plane, be sure to have your mask, hand sanitizer, and possibly protective nitrile gloves.


Where to Travel

It is not uncommon for people to want to travel to a different location over the holidays. Most states across the country have reopened to an extent. But while states have resumed operations, it doesn’t mean everything has gone back to normal. When you’re considering where you’ll be traveling this year, be sure to consider the state of the area. Avoid travel to places with high coronavirus cases and don’t travel if you are feeling sick.


Have the Proper PPE

One of the most important components of preparing for this holiday season’s travel is to have the proper personal protective equipment. It is important to take the proper steps to stay safe during this joyous time of the year. You need to have equipment you know you can trust. Beta Sciences offers 3-ply masks, hand sanitizers, and nitrile gloves. We also have an essential travel kit, which includes KN95 masks and a hand sanitizer gel. Our products are sure to meet your travel necessities.

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