Preparing for Halloween

Halloween is right around the corner! Everyone is beginning to decorate their homes, Halloween commercials are coming back on air, and kids are figuring out what they want to dress up as. It is obvious that this year has been anything but normal and we’ve adjusted accordingly. Below, we’re breaking down ways to be safe this Halloween season!



A major aspect of Halloween is finding the perfect costume. But, with the coronavirus pandemic still in full force, finding costumes that follow CDC guidelines can be difficult. We have a couple of suggestions:

  • Be a Healthcare Hero: This year has taught us that frontline workers are real-life superheroes! By dressing up as one for Halloween not only do you honor these amazing individuals but you’re also keeping yourself, and those around you, safe. With this costume you can wear a 3-ply, KN95, or cloth mask! To further add to the look, and more safety, wear nitrile gloves.
  • Animal, Clown, or Pirate: You can draw on the outside of your mask! Whether you’re drawing the whiskers for a cat or the facial hair of a pirate, you can easily personalize the mask and use it to complete your Halloween look. A great mask to use is a 3-ply mask.
  • Ghost: Dressing up as a ghost is a simple costume that easily allows you to add your mask to it. You can take a white, KN95 mask to complete your version of a ghost during this pandemic.

The beauty of Halloween is that you can decorate things however you’d like. If you want to find the best mask for you, we invite you to explore our previous blog post where we break down the different kinds of masks available!



For safety reasons, trick-or-treating most likely won’t be done as it traditionally is. Going up, door to door can be a high-risk activity. An alternative to traditional trick-or-treating is to do one-way-trick-or -treating, according to Children’s Minnesota. By setting up goodie bags for families to take, it allows families to grab and go while continuing to social distance.

If you do decide to hand out candy, be sure to wear a mask and gloves! Wearing this personal protective equipment can go a long way while interacting with a variety of people throughout the night. You can even set up a hand sanitizer station for extra precaution!


Plan Low-Risk Activities

Being out and about on Halloween may not be the best choice for everyone! Luckily, there are plenty of low risk activities you can plan while staying at home. These include carving pumpkins, doing a Halloween movie marathon, and decorating your house with spooky decorations. The possibilities of what you can do at home are endless!



Everything about this year is unique. But, just because celebrations look different this year doesn’t mean you can’t find ways to enjoy them. The most important aspect is to be safe while partaking in celebrations.  Beta Sciences is an American distributor of PPE, based out of Florida. They offer a full line of PPE products that are FDA and CE certified. Buyers are purchasing products that have been properly regulated and reviewed and are effective. We invite you to visit Beta Sciences to learn more at


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