Black Friday Shopping in a Pandemic

Thanksgiving is only days away which means so is the official start to the holiday shopping season, kicked off by Black Friday. In this hectic year, many stores have started their Black Friday sales early and have extended them to their online platforms. Many consumers have embraced online shopping but, there are still some shoppers that are anxious about online spending. These consumers prefer going to a physical store. Below, we’re breaking down some things to consider before shopping in person this Black Friday.


Transmission Rates in Your Area

Every time you go out, there is a risk of contracting the coronavirus. In areas with high transmission rates, your likelihood of coming in contact & contracting the virus increases. So, before heading out to the shops in your area, consider whether transmission rates are high. Also consider if you or anyone you come in contact with on a regular basis are at risk of developing severe coronavirus symptoms.


Store Precautions

Another factor to consider before shopping in person are the precautions being taken by all stores, large or small. Look at how many people are being let into the store. If a store is letting too many people in, it makes maintaining social distance more difficult and increases the risk of exposure to the virus. Also look at their safety procedures. It is important for stores to disinfect high contact areas, have hand sanitizer readily available, and enforce mask policies.


Take Your Own Safety Precautions

At the end of the day, you can’t control the actions of the individuals around you. But, you can ensure you are taking your own precautionary steps to stay safe. These steps include wearing a mask and carrying hand sanitizer.  It is important for you to have personal protective equipment that you can trust.


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